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Time & attendance

Now worker’s time & attendance can easily be monitored and recorded via live streams. Workers using smart phones simply press a button when clocking in & out the Click Control app. Reliable Geo fencing technology enable the company to track workers time and attendance at any time and at any site.


Easy to use Mobile Navigation
Verified and approved timesheet
Authentic Profile Screen
Mobile attendance with freedom
Confirmed and declined opportunities
Radius and geo location tracking
Company news right on your palm
Push notifications keeps you informed
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Some Key Features

Work Hours

Start and end shift as per the work hours shown on Click Control mobile app, no confusion regarding time

Pop up at Work place

Timely pop up reminder for workers from Click Control mobile app at the start and end of shift

Clock in Clock out

Simply press the clock in and clock out button once you reach the work place for accurate attendance

Clock in Anywhere

Click Control mobile app enables your work force to clock in and clock out from any site anywhere

Work on any Device

Click Control mobile app is compliant with any smart phone device, unlimited choice for workforce

Reliable & Accurate

All time attendance activity done via electronically which makes Click Control transparent to all


Simple and easy to Geo-fence the site accurately, monitor and record workforce attendance easily

Live Reporting

Late entry and early exit from the work place is recorded and instantly reported on the live roster