Click Control
How it Works

Your Business Growth

HR Management

From recruitment to managing the complete profile of any worker, Click Control offers smart HR management. Qualification notification helps in placing the right worker at the work place. Worker records can be kept for a lifetime and you can proactively build workers pool for upcoming contracts.


Some Key Features

Company Profile

Click Control helps manage your public liability, work cover and licenses with expiry date notification

Designations & Departments

Define designations & departments for optimal efficiency and productivity for day to day operations

Manage roles & Users

Easily manage roles and users for Click Control across the small, medium and large organizations

Apply & Screening

Click Control offers convenient on line application, screening, interview & induction of new workers

Work force Profile

Record and maintain the workforce complete profile including licenses & qualification and get notification

New worker Induction

Click Control ensures smooth & easy induction of new workers with all the credentials stored for record

Worker Evaluation

Click Control offers workers performance evaluation for improvement & future position upgrades

Trainings & Bank

Proactively create a workers pool bank for upcoming contracts and impart and maintain training records