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Dynamic Reports

Click Control helps generates various activity reports, these reports are required to carry out dayto day operations in an effective manners. These reports can be shared with the clients’ time to time, based on the requirement. These reports for clients and workers are available for an unlimited amount of time for reference.


Some Key Features

Roster Report

Click Control helps manage roster report which can be shared with clients and workers with one click

Time Sheets

Click Control helps manage time sheet which can be shared with clients and workers with one click

Client Visits

Client visit by sales team for each clients can be generated for weekly, fortnightly and on monthly basis

Sales targets

Click Control offers easy and convenient way to assign and generate sales targets for each sales person

Late & Early

Click Control provides a complete detail of late clock in and early clock out of every worker at any site

License Expiry

Click Control provides timely notification of qualification or license expiry of any worker before time

Hours Worked

Click Control provides complete details of the actual hours worked by any worker at one click

Client List

Click Control helps you to generate a complete client list in one click, including current and old clients