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Automated Time sheets

Click Control generates cloud based automated time sheets ensuring 100 % transparency to clients and workforce. Data captured via Geo fencing technology & Click Control mobile app during attendance process is transferred automatically to time sheet. The same time sheet is shared with client and workers.


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Some Key Features

Pay as they Work

Click Control automated time sheet enables you to pay the workforce according to their actual work

Time sheet Template

Intelligent roster restricts the double booking of one worker at two sites at same time and on same date.

Approve Time sheet

With one click you can approve or disapprove time sheet of workforce for one or more locations

Time sheet Distribution

Click Control allows you to share the approved time sheet with your clients and workforce with one click

Reliable & accurate

The Geo-fencing and Click Control mobile app technology makes it reliable and accurate for clients

100% transparency

Click Control ensures 100% transparency for workforce and clients and eliminates chances of conflict

Time sheet Traceability

Click Control helps you filter and sort time sheet for any clients, worker and any site with one click

Electronic Time sheet

Saves time & effort of your workforce to write and submit time sheet and helps timely payroll processing