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Keep your business growing

Click Control offers competitive advantage to all types of businesses. It offers intelligent, reliable, secure and a friendly solution to increase productivity while meeting compliance standards.

Proactive Approach
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Competitive advantage

In today's modern age and competitive market, businesses need a solid competitive advantage which will helps them to win over the competition. For decades, companies have been struggling to gain a competitive advantage. Click Control being technology savvy, enables an organization to have a solid competitive advantage over its competitors to win new clients and retain old clients.

Business growth

Click Control offers an interactive system to help manage your operations and sales in a more efficient, productive and professional manner. Implementation of Click Control will develop operational capability to deliver quality services to retain existing clients. Effective sales management will yield new clients, contributing to business growth & profitability.

Everyone on the same page

Keep everyone on the same page with reminder alerts, roster change alerts and 24/7 access to rosters. The workforce roster will always be accessible to you and yourworkforce, your workforce will always see the latest changes to the roster. No more misunderstanding or confusion. Everyone knows exactly when and where they work.

On the go access

Our mobile app allows on the go access to all work force for opportunities and time management. From availing opportunities to clocking in and out, Click Control app enables your entire workforce to do it all remotely from their smartphone. The app provides a reliable, accurate and secure means of tracking workforce with convenience and at no additional cost.

Satisfied clients

The proactive approach of Click Control fosters further confidence and satisfaction in clients with every site SOPs, improved communication, in time reporting, intelligent & interactive rostering, mobile app benefits, electronically generated time sheet, records and much more.

Ease of use

Click Control understands how important ease of use is and makes it a priority to offer software solutions that can be easily implemented, navigated, changed, amended, deleted and maintained. It is truly a user friendly application that can be controlled with just one click.

Accuracy & records

Click Control intelligently checks and makes sure that the same person is not rostered at two sites at the same time. We believe that your rostering software should be there for you, not just as a tool but as an assistant. Digitally created records are there for unlimited time period.

Save time & money

Click Control helps businesses save time and money with more efficient roster planning. Instead of spending hours on rostering, cut your admin time so you can spend your time more productively. From hiring to complete management, Click Control makes a real difference.

Free setup, free training and free support

Click Control offers free setup of account after subscription, free training at your work place for your convenience & time saving and free support during normal working hours. You can call, e-mail or submit the support ticket on our web site for quick response.

Happy workforce

Click Control engages workforce and lets them work as one team. They don’t have to write and submit their time sheets, instead their time sheets will be approved through Click Control. A happy workforce means higher productivity, improved results and a better work environment.

Some Key Features

Cloud Base

Work from anywhere. Security, document control, disaster recovery & automatic software updates

Real Time Reporting

Reports instantly available as the events end, ensuring quick communication within the workforce

Head office Controlled

Designated staff at H.O of service providers or clients can monitor activities of their branch offices

Qualification Compliance

Complete licensing records and notification on expiry available for company and its work force

Filter & sort roster

Roster, schedule, time sheet of work force & client data of any date filtered and sorted with one click

Manage role & users

Software application offers complete and easy management of roles & user privileges with one click

Improved visibility

Improved client services, time saving and easy monitoring leads to increased operational efficiency

Workforce Control

Click Control ensures workforce control ultimately resulting in healthy and productive workforce