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Click Control intelligent and interactive roster shows the online status of workforce when they enter or leave the work place. Roster multiple sites on weekly and, monthly basis and share the same roster with your clients and workforce. Intelligent, cloud base, quick, accurate and stress free rostering.


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Some Key Features

User Friendly

No need for extensive training, easy to understand multiple features and rostering with convenience

Drag & Drop

Instead of spending hours create rosters in minutes by simply using click control fast drag and drop interface

Roster Template

An easy to use template to build rosters, the same template can be used for generating weekly, monthly and yearly rosters

Qualification Check

Effective check and notification of qualification and expiry of licenses is available to meet compliance

Double Booking

This intelligent roster restrict the double booking of one worker at two sites at the same time and on the same date.

Publish Roster

Publish the roster with one click via SMS and E-mail and receive acceptance or rejection notification on the roster.

Live Reporting

Once the worker enter or exit the work place the same activity is instantly reflect on the roster template.

Search Roster

Quick and easy to filter and sort the roster for clients, worker and sites, no matter how old your roster is.

Time & attendance

Now worker’s time & attendance can easily be monitored and recorded via live streams. Workers using smart phones simply press a button when clocking in & out the Click Control app. Reliable Geo fencing technology enable the company to track workers time and attendance at any time and at any site.


Easy to use Mobile Navigation
Verified and approved timesheet
Authentic Profile Screen
Mobile attendance with freedom
Confirmed and declined opportunities
Radius and geo location tracking
Company news right on your palm
Push notifications keeps you informed

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